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Since the early Eighties Novarex is a company that produces adhesive labels in rolls and packages, neutral and printed up to 8 colors, paper and plastic tags and laser sheets, maintaining a high quality standard in services and products.

We work in the field of automatic identification, continuously investing in new technologies and research in order to offer new cutting-edge solutions so that our customers are able to convey their best image through their labels.


From the beginning, Novarex has been oriented and then focused on the agri-food market, this constant feature has led us to be a label factory with a wide know-how in the materials to be used, and to have an excellent knowledge of the various fields of application.


The company has 12 plants for the die-cutting of materials, ranging from neutral to 8 colors, 2 plants for the realization of RFID and anti-theft labels and several control tables.


The maintenance of the agri-food market has led the company to develop the study of materials and to know the fields of application. Today, before offering a product, we provide consultancy on customer needs.

We are aware that it is inadequate to consider the label as a product to be compared according to its price, therefore we have shifted our offer from product to service, with a constant growth in the level of customer service.

Often the technological obsolescence of the systems does not follow the fiscal obsolescence. We have maintained a renewal plan of the systems that is not dictated by fiscal requirements but by the new technological proposals of the market. This allows us to have a functional and effective car fleet, ready to meet new needs.

We are organized in processes and with no hierarchical levels. In this way the customer’s request, consequently the order, is directly linked to the production and to the suppliers. This allows us to monitor with extreme simplicity every element of disturbance that could spread to the customer.
Constant investments in the ICT area have allowed us to have control over all corporate events. We have a computerized traceability system extended to all materials involved in production processes.

Certifications: we are ISO 9001:2001 certified and we are in the process of certification for ISO 22000 FSSC packaging.

As we are environmentally friendly, we’ve been working to come to an agreement with companies that recover waste material from a label roll and give it new life, thus allowing our customers not to have the costs of waste management and improving our relationship with the environment.


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Via Castellana 86/C
30030 Martellago (VE)

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